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Pharmechanics time course equations in GraphPad Prism

  • Recently there has been an explosion of interest in the kinetics / timing of signaling, enabled by biosensors of signaling that permit continuous recording of the kinetic waveform from a single well.

  • At Pharmechanics we developed equations to enable you to do curve fitting on the time course waveform data. Plug-in equation libraries for GraphPad Prism are available for free.

  • For information check out the PDF below. The Prism files and more information can be found here. For a deeper dive, check out the workshop video here from the ASCEPT 2023 meeting. For the theory see the open-access paper here.

  • This work was supported by Montana Molecular, designers and suppliers of very high quality fluorescent biosensors of signaling. We have worked together to provide solutions for quantifying the kinetics of signaling for numerous laboratories.

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