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Scott Struthers, CEO

Crinetics Pharmaceuticals

"Sam is a virtuoso theoretical (and practical) pharmacologist and is great fun to talk science with. I've known him for a couple decades now. He has helped the team at Crinetics evaluate and understand some interesting and unusual pharmacology on one of our research programs, providing perspective that is helping us identify and optimize new candidates. This has included educating and training our scientists in valuable pharmacological analysis tools and techniques."


Anne Marie Quinn, CEO

Montana Molecular

"We learned so much about our data by working with Sam Hoare from Pharmechanics! The kinetic analysis of cell signaling reveals the dynamic connection between pharmacology and the cell’s response to receptor activation. The analysis methods developed by Pharmechanics showed us how to maximize the value of our data and get a better handle on how a particular ligand affects cell biology. The analysis is easy to interpret and provides a biological basis to compare and prioritize candidate drugs that activate the receptor. We were delighted that the data analysis modules developed by Pharmechanics plug right into the familiar GraphPad Prism interface for a smooth workflow integration. Sam finds creative solutions that are straightforward for us and our clients to implement and we have very much enjoyed and appreciated working with him."


Brian Murphy

Bristol Myers Squibb

"Sam is a seasoned drug discovery pharmacologist. I consult with him regularly because of his deep and broad knowledge of pharmacological theory and practice. Sam is quick to understand the analysis question at hand and is able to identify, communicate, and explain the concepts underlying the appropriate data analysis methods in a clear and engaging way. As a visual learner, I also appreciate his video seminars on YouTube and have invited him to present and educate investigators at BMS workshops and scientific meetings. I have worked with Sam for over 20 years, first as a colleague at a biotech (Neurocrine Biosciences) and now as a scientific collaborator. Sam provides analysis and simulation tools that have helped us understand and predict how compound binding kinetics can impact our drug discovery programs. Using these tools we have worked together to discover new scenarios of kinetic efficacy and selectivity. The analysis tools are very simple to use in familiar software like Excel and GraphPad Prism. I strongly recommend him for help with pharmacology in drug discovery, education and basic research."

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