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Sam Hoare from Pharmechanics supports pharmaceutical, life science and academic scientists in developing new therapeutics and understanding drug target systems. See the Testimonials page.

  • Strategic consulting, e.g. drug candidate selection, identifying novel applications for new assay technology.

  • Data analysis and troubleshooting, especially in lead optimization and clarifying unusual results.

  • Scientific communication, including white papers, seminars, and scientific publications.

  • Education and training in pharmacology (see videos here and here).

​  Pharma & biotech consulting

  • For five years I have supported Pharma and biotech clients with R&D pharmacology, enabling projects to move forward and the best drug candidates to be selected.

  • With a wealth of experience of in vitro pharmacology in the pharmaceutical industry I can help you resolve the issues that are creating challenges in your drug discovery project.

  • For example, with BMS and Crinetics Pharmaceuticals I have supported project teams in candidate selection, understanding the mechanism of action, and explaining unusual pharmacology data.

  Life sciences consulting

  • For life science companies developing novel tools for drug discovery, I identify novel utilities and create new data analysis methodologies to increase the application and value of the products.

  • For example, working with Montana Molecular we have developed new kinetic analysis platforms for biosensors that enable routine quantification of the kinetics of signaling for drug discovery.

  Education & training

  • I provide education and training to numerous organizations in the analysis of in vitro data, providing seminars and training materials.

  • I work directly with scientists to enable them to analyze their data efficiently. For examples, see the YouTube videos here and here.

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